ESM 2020.1

What's new

  • A significant facelift
  • SAS® Viya Integration
  • Internationalization
  • Automatic Process detection
  • Wizards and common actions
  • Saved searches
  • Reduced agent footprint
  • A whole head of fixes and improvements

What ESM does

Enterprise Session Monitor (ESM) for SAS keeps an eye on the server-side operation and performance of a modern client/server based SAS environment. By giving users of the the environment full visibility of server activity, it helps everyone concerned better understand the system's capacity, relative day-to-day performance and the impact of individual users' actions on the overall performance.

How to access ESM

The ESM interface is a thin-client web application which requires no desktop components to be installed. Once ESM is deployed and configured, your Administrator should send you with a link which will let you access ESM via your web browser. The URL may contain a port number at the end, and look something like this:

Opening the URL the Browser will load the ESM web interface. It is recommended that you use a reasonably recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is supported but not advised.